IKEA's Uppleva

"IKEA introduces UPPLEVA, a completely new range that integrates smart TV and sound system with furniture. UPPLEVA brings beauty and functionality to the living room, solving the problem of cable clutter and miss-match between TV and furniture."

I am intrigued about the direction IKEA is taking media centers. Uppleva obviously solves many of the pitfalls found in the 'tv room,' but only if you fit into the narrow demographic. This makes sense if one doesn't already have a media setup or is willing to dispose of the current setup, one likes IKEA and their style of furniture, one doesn't mind not having a choice in brand or technology, and one who doesn't mind disassembling their living room if anything needs to be serviced. Im not sure I trust IKEA with electronics. Who do I call if I need tech support? Who do I call if the TV breaks? Does IKEA send a service-person? I feel a little uneasy about the whole thing. But besides my qualms, I think its a great idea if you want modern furniture and technology with an expensive (looking) fit and finish.