Medical clinics in developing countries have to combat many challenges, one of the biggest being intermittent electricity. Blood, HIV rapid test kits, pediatric ARV drugs, vaccines, and other supplies must be stored in closely monitored conditions. During times of power outages, medications expire and therefore cannot be delivered when they are most in need.

The PRESRV, is a hollow walled storage system for medical supplies that fits in a standard refrigerator. The walls of the unit and the interior walls can be filled with a refrigerant to increase temperature retention. After a loss of power, the PRESRV storage system extends the storage life of the medical contents by keeping the refrigerator cool. From our calculations, each PRESRV, if filled with water, in a standard refrigerator with 5cm thick polystyrene walls will maintain medical supplies at an acceptable temperature for 14.7 hours at 40°C (about 100°F). This means that 6 PRESRVs used in tandem can extend the life of medical suppies by more than 3 days during a power outage.

Completed in the Fall of 2010 Winner of the RPI Change the World Challenge